Equity 2.0 (E2)

A bold and compelling vision that looks forward but also looks back

We invite you, and all members of the Baltimore-Washington Conference to join the Equity 2.0 Cohort to help co-create a vision of a world as it should be. A world rooted in belonging without racial bias and different forms of othering.

For those of us who are ready to take the next step and want to find encouragement to stay the course to justice and learn evidence-based strategies for building beloved communities, sign up today! This cohort will serve as a support mechanism for making this call to action a priority. Built on the system of accountability, you will partner with others who’ve made a commitment to the work in building equity and justice for all of God's children.

If any of the above points resonate with you and you desire to leave a dent in the world – to “leave” it better than it was when you arrived this cohort is for you!

Equity 2.0 Sign-up Sheet (E2)

Learning, understanding, and transforming are only a portion of this journey, and practice makes change within ourselves and our communities sustainable. When joining this cohort you can expect to be equipped with:

  1. Digital tools and resources to support your practice work in reducing bias and increasing belonging in your work/personal life.
  2. The support of individual coaching upon your request.
  3. Develop sacred community. You will get the opportunity to connect with other members of the cohort so that you have a vehicle for peer-to-peer support and fellowship.
  4. A safe place for a community of practice. Connecting with a diverse group of individuals in the Cohort is also an opportunity to meet with others to practice the evidence-based strategies for bias reduction that you're learning.