ROCK: Team

The ROCK Team is a diverse, multi-generational team that provides leadership, energy, skill, and prayer to present an amazing weekend opportunity for spiritual growth. Some of our youth team leads of the past are now adults continuing to provide committed leadership.

All youth and adults of the BWC are welcome to participate. All you need is a love of God and a desire to serve. Our meetings are on Saturdays at 10 AM. After the meeting, those who want typically go to Ledo Pizza for lunch (6030 Daybreak Circle, Clarksville, MD, 443-535-0599). Lunch is paid for by ROCK.

Our meeting schedule is as follows (all meetings take place at the BWC Mission Center unless otherwise noted):

Sept 28
Oct 26
Nov 16
Dec 14

Jan 25
Feb 7-9 ROCK
Feb 22
Mar 28
Apr 25
May 16
Jun 13

BWC Mission Center: 11711 E. Market Place, Fulton, MD 20759

Here are some of the teams that help make ROCK successful. Some require attendance at ROCK Team meetings. Others do not, but attendance is always encouraged. All teams are open for new members. All adult volunteers must have passed a background check within the last seven years. If not, we will provide one at no cost to the volunteer. All volunteers, adult, and youth must abide by the volunteer guidelines.

HOSPITALITY is an awesome ministry that is the “host and hostess” welcoming all to ROCK. Team members will be available to help all other teams when necessary but will help with registrations, set up of all rooms, break down of all rooms, receipt, and confirmation of t-shirt count, t-shirt orders, and selling. You can sign up for the HOSPITALITY TEAM at ROCK Team meetings.

GREETERS – One important part of the HOSPITALITY team are the GREETERS who are the loud and energetic folks that welcome all to ROCK.

  1. We request that all ROCK Team members invite their church youth group and other church youth groups to be greeters and advise us ASAP to expedite having the greeter schedule complete prior to the November meeting.
  2. We need a contact person, the phone number, and email address.
  3. All greeters must be present and in place 30 minutes prior to the start of the doors opening for each session on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  4. All late or no show greeters relinquish the opportunity for reserved seating.

TO SIGN YOUR YOUTH GROUP UP TO BE GREETERS, please email Hospitality Team Lead, Kim Walker

SECURITY helps keep everybody safe during ROCK. The Security team consists of adults who are there to help enforce the rules and assist during emergencies. To sign up for SECURITY, please email Security Team Lead, Brandon House

TECH team helps with tech setup and takedown as well as runs cameras, powerpoint, spotlights and other equipment during ROCK. You can sign up for TECH at the ROCK team meetings. Tech team lead is Grant Slawson.

ROCK SHOP is the team that sells ROCK merchandise as well as manages the other vendors and exhibitors. ROCK SHOP team also staffs the ROCK TEAM table in the ROCK SHOP during ROCK. You can sign up for the ROCK SHOP team at ROCK Team meetings. Please connect with Geri Hoggard, the ROCK Shop Team Lead.

COMMUNION is the team that serves communion during ROCK on Sunday morning. Approximately 300 people are needed to ensure that all are served in a worshipful and orderly manner. The Communion Team serves communion to nearly 6,000 people in approximately 15 minutes. There is a Communion Team rehearsal on Saturday afternoon at ROCK. The Communion Team will have assigned, reserved seats for Sunday morning’s worship session. Email Marie Ebersole, the Communion Team Lead, to sign up for the COMMUNION TEAM –

PRAYER ROOM team creates a spiritual oasis for prayer throughout the ROCK weekend. Youth can come to the Prayer Room (upstairs in the Convention Center) at any time except during main sessions. The team staffs the prayer room that is upstairs in the Convention Center. The Prayer team is there to offer prayer and comfort for those who come to pray. We have introduced several ways to express prayer including art as well as continuing to have areas for quiet prayer and meditation. We follow “Safe Sanctuary” rules for the Prayer Room. No adult is to be alone with any youth in the Prayer Room. You can sign up to be on the PRAYER TEAM at ROCK Team meetings. Please speak with Debbie Mooney, Prayer Room Team Lead.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER team prays during the entire weekend over the event as well as over the prayer requests that are left in the Prayer Room. The INTERCESSORY PRAYER room sits above the main hall. To sign up to be on the INTERCESSORY PRAYER team, please email Rev. Jerry Colbert, the Intercessory Prayer Room Team Lead.

BREAKOUTS team cares for all the needs of the Breakout Leaders as well as participants. To help with Breakouts, please sign up at ROCK Team meetings. Please see Becki Price Breakouts Team Lead.

EMCEES The emcees at ROCK are selected through auditions and need to have regular attendance at ROCK team meetings. Auditions will be held on Sept. 28 immediately before and after the ROCK team meeting.  All emcees who are selected MUST be at the ROCK team meetings on 10/26, 11/16, 12/14 and 1/25 unless previously excused.  Emcees MUST stay with the ROCK team at ROCK and not their own church. The emcee scripts have to be memorized. All youth in grade 6-12 (or age 11-18) are welcome to audition.  For more information on being an emcee, please see Maxine Poole and Catalina Stewart, the Emcees Team Leads or email .

AFTER ROCK RESOURCES team will help coordinate resources for local churches and youth groups to better help them keep the fires ignited at ROCK burning throughout the year. You can sign up to help at ROCK Team meetings. Please see Blairlee Owens, the After ROCK Team Lead.

COMMUNICATIONS team keeps everybody connected. The ROCK team uses email, texts, twitter, Instagram, Facebook and phones to communicate. You can sign up to be on Communications Team by contacting Becki Price.

REGISTRATION Team works to ensure that ROCK registration is handled efficiently and well. You can sign up to help with REGISTRATION by speaking with Darlene Washington, Registration Team Lead, at ROCK Team meetings.