ROCK: New here?

Are you new to ROCK?

ROCK is a powerful and fun-filled weekend in Ocean City, MD. The event allows youth and adults to take a step back from their busy lives and learn about the amazing love of Jesus Christ. It is an awesome experience for folks to more fully connect with God and their friends while listening to great bands and speakers. You will leave ROCK renewed and ready to spread the word about God’s great love for us.

ROCK is designed as a retreat with a focus on presenting the Gospel message in an exciting, culturally appropriate way for young people (and now adults, too) to be exposed to and have an opportunity to respond to an invitation to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Each year there are different speakers, bands and breakout sessions.  All are selected by the ROCK team.

The ROCK Team is open to all youth and adults of the Baltimore-Washington Conference.  We meet monthly during the school year on Saturday mornings.  The team is comprised of folks from all over the Conference.  To join, all you have to do is show up!  For more info, please contact

ROCK is held at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, 4001 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD  21842. 


Registration typically opens on September 15 and remains open until we are sold out or the event is over.  The cost shown is per person. Everyone, regardless of age, must pay to have a wristband.  Wristbands are given to the youth leaders at ROCK.  They can then be distributed to the youth and adults of each group. ROCK is not appropriate for anyone under age 11 or in a grade below 6th.

Main Hall

The Main Hall is on the main floor of the convention center. It seats approximately 5,000.  The speaker will speak live in this hall for all sessions.  Room is equipped with several large screens so you can easily see what’s going on onstage from anywhere in the room.  While the bands are playing, the youth often congregate near the stage to dance.  As long it does not become aggressive, that’s fine.

Special Needs

We can make accommodations for wheelchairs and hearing impaired, if we know ahead of time. If you have someone in a wheelchair or who is hearing impaired, please email as soon as your group is registered. 


Each year we offer a wide array of breakouts. There are two sessions – AM and PM.  Your ROCK registration includes admission to both breakout sessions.  We strongly recommend you register for breakouts before arriving at ROCK. This will ensure that you get into the breakouts you want. View the breakouts descriptions.

ROCK Apparel

Each year we have exciting new t-shirts and hoodies based on the current ROCK theme as well as other apparel.  We strongly suggest you pre-order the sizes and styles you want to ensure you get what you need.  We do sell out.  If you pre-order, your group’s order will be bagged and waiting for you at ROCK.  Pre-orders can be paid for with credit cards. Purchases at ROCK must be made with cash or check.


You are responsible for making your group’s hotel reservations.  There is a list of partner hotels on the ROCK website. Please keep your church’s Safe Sanctuary policy in mind when making reservations.


ROCK does not serve meals.  You are responsible for all meals for your group. There are many restaurants and fast food places nearby. To save money, you may want to bring food. Many of the hotel rooms have kitchens.


ROCK is not permitted to sell anything to drink. There are vending machines in the building, but they empty quickly. We strongly suggest bringing refillable bottles to keep your group hydrated. There are water fountains around the building.


You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your youth at all times. ROCK is not permitted to provide first aid unless it’s a life-threatening emergency. So please bring your own first aid kit. If there is an issue, please contact a ROCK security guard. There is an Urgent Care at 6300 Coastal Hwy, and Atlantic General Hospital is in Berlin, approximately nine miles away. Of course, in an emergency, call 911.


Dress for ROCK is very casual and comfortable. The temperature can vary widely so dressing in layers is smart. 

Saturday Afternoon

There is a several-hour break on Saturday after the morning breakouts. BWC Camping Ministries offers Fun at the Beach during that time. There are other activities around town such as laser tag, ice skating at the Carousel, hotel pools, walking the beach or boardwalk and movies. 


You are responsible for getting your group to and from ROCK. Smaller churches may want to carpool or bus share with other churches. Some of the hotels are within walking distance of the convention center, assuming the weather cooperates. 


The ROCK SHOP is our exhibitor/vendor area. There are many different Christian colleges and mission opportunities as well as vendors selling Christian apparel, jewelry, music and lots of other fun stuff. Some vendors, including ROCK apparel, do not accept credit cards; they only accept cash or checks. Some vendors do accept credit cards.  

Prayer Room

There is a room on the second floor of the Convention Center reserved for prayer. It is always staffed with folks who are happy to pray with you or leave you alone for private prayer. There are other activities based on prayer also available. 

Info Table

There is an info table right at the entrance of the convention center. If you have questions or needs during the weekend, please stop by.


Communion is served as part of worship on Sunday morning. It is a sacred time of quiet reflection. Please be mindful of others around you. Please do not leave the hall until after all have been served. We need a lot of volunteers to help with communion. Please email if you or your group are willing to help. 


The offering at ROCK goes to a cause or charity selected by the ROCK Team. Checks and cash are accepted for offering. We do not do the offering at the same time as communion to keep the focus on the significance of communion. Please make checks payable to Conference Treasurer.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at ROCK. We need lots of youth and adults to help with communion, offering and greeters. We need adults to fill in many other roles. Learn more about volunteering at ROCK.

What do I do when I get to ROCK?

As you approach the Convention Center, you’ll see the ROCK logo on the Ocean City water tower.  As you enter the building, you will be greeted by cheers and high fives. We want you to feel welcome. 

Please send one adult into registration to pick up your wristbands and leader packet. Please put wristbands on everyone in your group. Additional wristbands can be purchased at ROCK unless we are sold out. There is a lot of info in the leader packet, please take a minute to read it over. Most of the info that’s enclosed will be sent out a couple of weeks before ROCK to the email address used for registration.

Please send one adult to the T-shirt Sales table to pick up your pre-ordered apparel. Then your group can line up with the others either downstairs for Main Hall or upstairs for Upper Room. Once the doors open, please walk to a section and take a seat. There will be videos on the large screens to keep everyone entertained until ROCK starts.


Read more info on how to get involved.