Baltimore Region Connect Leadership Summit

Saturday, March 07, 2020, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Bel Air UMC, 21 Linwood Avenue, Bel Air, MD US 21014
Cost: $40.00
Inspiring & Equipping Churches to Connect More People to Jesus

At this one-day training opportunity, you’ll hear from Daniel Im, author of “No Silver Bullets,” who will help you lead, thrive, and create a culture of discipleship in your church. You can also immerse yourself in one of six learning tracks or explore two topics relevant to your interests and ministry in expert-led workshops. 

With Keynote Speaker, Daniel Im, Author of No Silver Bullets 


Daniel Im, the senior associate pastor of Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Canada, is the author of several books, including, “No Silver Bullets,” which explores how micro-shifts in your church’s vision, values and model can lead to macro-changes in mission and ministry. Read more on his website at 


8:30 Check-In
9:00 Opening Experience
9:30 Keynote with Discussion - Daniel Im
11:30 Wrap up and Instruction
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Select one track or two workshops 
1:00-3:45 Track
1:00-2:15 Workshop 1
2:30-3:45 Workshop 2


Participants can dive deeply into one area of ministry by taking a track, which consists of two workshops. Or, they can explore ministry areas of particular interest to them in two workshops, chosen specifically for local church leaders in each region.

The tracks to choose from include: 

Abundant Health Track
Abundant Health: Mental Health First Aid

Presenter:  Local Mental Health First Aid Provider, Harford County Public Health
Supported by: Robin Stokes, Community Outreach Coordinator, UM: Upper Chesapeake
Baltimore Region on March 7 

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help.

Topics Covered: Depression and mood disorders - Anxiety disorders - Trauma - Psychosis - Substance Use disorders - Mental Health First Aid teaches about recovery and resiliency – the belief that individuals experiencing these challenges can and do get better and use their strengths to stay well.

Deepening Discipleship Track
Sacred Rhythms: Rearranging Our Lives for Deepened Discipleship

Presenters: Rev. John Nupp
Baltimore Region on March 7

Do you long for a sustainable, deep, fundamental change in your life with God? Church leaders and pastors, give yourself the gift of putting your relationship with Jesus first. Focus on who God is and how God intends us to live in a community. Discover time-tested disciplines and develop a Rule of Life to sustain and deepen your daily walk as a transformed disciple who transforms our world.

Your workshop leader knows the temptations of ministry in the local church, of “doing something for God before spending time with God,” as Samuel Logan Brengle phrased it.  Sharing from his own professional and personal experiences, Pastor John will help you hear God’s voice speaking through the rhythm of your daily life.  Follow-up conversations with other leaders in the coming weeks will enable you to deepen your discipleship in the areas of Devotion, Worship, Compassion and Justice.”


Generosity Generators Track
Generosity Generators: 13 Generosity Mistakes to Avoid (and what to do instead) 

Presenter: Frank Robert
Baltimore Region on March 7

Lessons from our Churches that can help us do it better! We will discuss what mistakes to avoid and what Generosity Generators we should install in our Churches. Our goal is to begin to understand how to move the Financial Culture from “Paying the bills” to Funding Future Mission and Ministry.  We will culminate our time by drafting our future Generosity team! We will discuss at least 13 things your church could be doing to generate more Resources. It is time to THRIVE not just Survive!

Next Level Leaders Track
Next Level Leaders: Revitalizing God’s Vision for Your Congregation  

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Malcolm Stranathan
Baltimore on March 7

It is said, “where there is no vision the people perish!”  And yet, whose vision are we called to implement? Revitalizing or discerning God’s vision for your congregation is best accomplished through a collaborative process in which ownership of God’s vision is discerned, promoted and implemented by the congregational leadership and subsequently owned by the local congregation. 

This workshop is intended to teach, equip and encourage next level leaders to bring out the greatest potential from them and their local congregation, context and community. To get the best out of this workshop, several leaders (clergy and lay) from a local congregation are encouraged to participate together so that God’s vision, an action plan, an implementation schedule and evaluation tool for existing ministries can be developed.  We will exchange ideas, share experiences and develop new relationships and leave inspired for God’s Vision and next steps for your congregation. Leaders will explore resources, learning labs and next level leader networks. 

New Faith Expressions Tracks

Are you looking to breathe new life into your congregation or perhaps are you dreaming of launching a brand new church? Both begin with the same question: what is shaping your church? Is your church shaped by worship or programs, children or youth ministries or by the preferences of your current members? What if your church was shaped by the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? What if you church was shaped by the mission of reaching people who currently don’t attend any church? If these questions make your heart sing, then join New Faith Expressions Track at the Connect Leadership Summit. 

New Faith Expressions: Engaging Your Community and Making Disciples

Presenters:  Rev. Dr. Karin Walker, Senior Pastor and Annabel Lusardi, Coordinator of Discipleship Ministries, Fallston United Methodist Church
Baltimore Region on March 7 

Establish a concrete plan for your congregation to engage your community in new ways.  Design an innovative approach to “enlarging your territory” Learn from a pastor and leader who have intentionally connected the community with a pathway to discipleship.  

You will learn innovative ways to connect to the community as a process (no more “one and dones"), including:  

  •         Ways to become critical to your community
  •         Role of testimonies and how to do it
  •         Sunday worship boosters
  •         Stewardship ideas that work
  •         Money ideas beyond the pews
  •         The power of relationship
  •         Establishing “traditions” the community didn’t know they needed
  •         A discipleship model that new people can embrace
  •         An appreciative approach to your location and opportunities

Time will be set aside to work on a plan for your own congregation, and participants will have the opportunity to form a cohort for future planning. 

Young People’s Ministry Track
Young People’s Ministry: Growing Youth Leadership through Boosting Communication Skills

Presented by: BWC’s Young People’s Ministry Training Team in all four regions

Whether you care about leading a team to serve the homeless, a small group, organize people to change oppressive practices or simply leading worship, communication is key. Strong communication is fundamental to growing as a leader and achieving positive impact. This high-energy track provides basic lessons in interpersonal interaction including storytelling, listening, self-awareness and empathy. Discover your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and practice new habits that help build relationships and leadership effectiveness. We will also discuss the role of storytelling across multiple mediums. This track is designed for youth in middle and high school.

Please visit the region pages for descriptions of the contents of the tracks, which will differ slightly at each summit.

Each region will offer its own selection of up to a dozen workshops, created to reflect the cultural context of ministry in the area.

Baltimore Region Workshops:
1. Conflict Management
2. Unified Board
3. To Serve in This Present Age: Leading and Serving in the Midst of Trauma and Grief

How can we be faithful to the call to make disciples in the midst of the challenges our congregations and communities face on a daily basis.

4. ABC(D)’s for Effective Ministry
5. Get Your House in Order
6. Health Ministry Models

During this session, participants will hear about a number of Health Ministry models from individuals currently involved in health ministry across the Baltimore Washington Conference. Learn how to complete a needs assessment and begin the process of planning a Health Ministry in your local church FOR the surrounding community.

7. Creating a Worship Experience
8. Volunteers in Mission (VIM)

Have you been on a mission journey and would like to take others to a destination to serve? Have you led teams before and would be interested in sharing your experiences in other local churches to help them engage in mission opportunities both home and abroad by training team leaders? This training is designed for all who are interested in learning more about leadership and opportunities in missions.

9. Iron Sharpens Iron: Multi-Point Charges, Cooperative Parish 

What does it mean to be a cooperative parish, multi-point charge, shared space, anchor church? How can we strengthen the relationship(s) among local churches within a Cooperative Parish, multi-point charge, etc.?

10. Property: A Blessing or a Burden? (Maximizing Ministry Opportunities through Wise Stewardship) 

Exploring creative ways to utilize, share, and leverage one of the church's greatest assets to expand mission and ministry

11. Ministries By, With, and For Older Adults
12. BWC Systems - A Course for Church Secretaries & Church Administrators by District Administrator

What reports are due from the local church? When are they due? What system is used to submit them? Do's/Don'ts?


Registration, which is $40, opens January 13.



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