Speaking UMC

05.22.15 | Administration & Operations | by Christie Latona

    Ever wonder what some of the acronyms really stand for in the Baltimore-Washington Conference and The United Methodist Church? Well, here is a short list of our most popular acronyms. You can click on each link for more information about that particular acronym.

    AC—Annual Conference

    BMCR—Black Methodists for Church Renewal
    BOOM—Board of Ordained Ministry
    BWCUMC—Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church
    (note: there is always a hyphen between the words "Baltimore" and "Washington" when referring to the Baltimore-Washington Conference)

    CFA—Council on Finance & Administration
    CCYM—Conference Council on Youth Ministries
    COSROW—Commission on Status and Role of Women
    CPP—Comprehensive Protection Plan (part of Board of Pension & Health Benefits)

    DA—District Administrator
    DCOM—District Committee on Ordained Ministry
    DS—District Superintendent

    GBCS—General Board of Church and Society
    GBOD—Formerly General Board of Discipleship/renamed to Discipleship Ministries
    GBGM—General Board of Global Ministries
    GBHEM—General Board of High Education and Ministry
    GBOPHB—General Board of Pension and Health Benefits
    GCAH—General Commission of Archives and History
    GCFA—General Council on Finance and Administration
    GCORR—General Commission on Religion and Race
    GCSRW—General Commission on the Status and Role of Women
    GCUMM—General Commission on United Methodist Men
    GCUMW—General Commission on United Methodist Women

    MARCHA—Methodists Associated Representing the Cause of Hispanic Americans

    NEJ—Northeastern Jurisdiction

    UMC—United Methodist Church (note: the word "The" is always capitalized when referring to The United Methodist Church)
    UMCOM—General Commission on Communication
    UMCOR—United Methodist Committee on Relief
    UMM—United Methodist Men
    UMW—United Methodist Women

    VIM—Volunteers in Mission