Social Distancing at Church Tip Sheet


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    People must maintain six feet of social distancing, not only once inside, but also from the time they leave their cars, enter the worship space, and exit the space to return to their vehicles.
    (BWC Guidelines for Re-entering Well, p. 4)


    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stresses that the primary rule for interrupting the spread of the coronavirus is to consistently practice social distancing of six feet or more between people at all times.  The primary tasks of the Re-entering Well Task Force are preparing the congregation for this significant change in behavior at church and ensuring that measures are in place to monitor and reinforce the practice of social distancing.


    Throughout Phases 1, 2, and 3, social distancing must be observed anytime people enter a church facility.

    Implementation Checklist

       Church facilities should be set up to ensure people can easily maintain social distancing from the time they enter church property until they leave.
       Parking lots should be modified so that only every other or every third parking space is available. This may be accomplished by strategically blocking the spaces with cones or by marking closed spaces with chalk or tape.
       Post clearly visible signs outside your church doors asking people to continue practicing social distancing both inside and outside the church.
       Consider using every other or every third pew for family seating.

       Rope or tape off pews as necessary. See the model, below.

       At the completion of worship each Sunday, instruct congregants to exit by rows instead of all at once. Maintain six-feet of social distancing and have ushers on-hand to ensure that there is no “bottle-necking” at any exit.
       Limit church bathroom use to the number of people who can simultaneously be in the space while maintaining social distancing.

       Make sure signs are clearly visible outside the bathrooms to encourage this practice.
       Mark off six-foot distances on the floor outside the bathrooms where people may line up.
       Larger bathrooms may accommodate more than one person.

       Record the number of urinals/stalls and sinks in each bathroom and calculate how many people can simultaneously use the bathroom while maintaining social distancing. Post that information on the bathroom door.

       Create bathroom spacing by “closing” every other urinal or stall and sink by taping stall doors and placing “closed” signs on sinks or urinals.

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