Missional Measurements of Health

03.26.15 | Leader Development | by Christie Latona

    by Dred Scott

    “If we measure the same old things we will fund and build the same old church.” ~ Caesar Kalinowski

    For a long time now, churches have often and only measured 3 things: “3B’s”: Butts (attendance on Sunday); Building size; and Budgets.

    Here are some new measurements that might help us stay on mission better. Growth in...

    • The number of disciples made (disciples make disciples)
    • The number of relationships with not-yet-believers
    • Gospel Display in and through culture (physical proclamation via serving)
    • Gospel Fluency; the ability to confidently speak the “good news” into all of life
    • Gospel Conversations happening (verbal proclamation of Good News)
    • The number of indigenous leaders developed (came to faith in community, now serving)
    • Multiplication of missional communities
    • Ministry “ownership” levels going up among those in the community
    • New teachers/preachers emerging/developed/being used in multiple contexts
    • People “sent” to start new works and/or missional communities and/or new church plants

    What would you add to this list?