Leadership Lessons from Sloth Bears and Cycling

08.15.16 | Leader Development, Young Peoples Ministry | by Beth Ludlum

    By Beth Ludlum
    Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Wesley Theological Seminary

    At Washington Region Leadership Days in March of 2016, several leaders dared us to lead in a variety of ways. Beth dared us to lead our congregations to make a way for young adult leaders rather than eating our young. Share this video (and the others in the Daring Conversations series) with your leaders or in your small groups as you wish. We have provided some questions for reflection following the video.

    How do the stories told about young adults visiting churches resemble what happens at your own church?

    Is there anything that we do at our church that resembles sloth bears eating their young?

    Talk about you learned about the relationship between cycling and discipling.

    Who is in your pace line?

    What can you and your church do right now to make a way for young adults?