Does Evangelism Involve Knocking on Doors?

08.11.15 | New Faith Expressions, Congregational Development | by Bob Faar

    Does evangelism mean we have to knock on doors?

    Not unless we knock on the doors to build  relationships first. We might be knocking on the door of a new neighbor or of someone we have been talking with while doing ministry. As United Methodists, we believe in a holistic discipleship. As such, faith sharing is a natural part of discipleship, not a separate activity. That means that evangelism isn't a weird task designed to "save" people but a natural part of a relationship where we wait for the Holy Spirit to make an opening for us to share our faith and invite the person to our community of faith.

    In this short video, Bob Farr shares a bit more about this Wesleyan-rooted process which is an underlying principle of his resource, Get Their Name: Grow Your Church by Building New Relationships. Watch it and learn how to deepen your discipleship through intentionally making evangelism a natural part of who you are.

    If you are interested in using Get Their Name with your congregation, we have developed a series of videos that can be used as a part of a small group study. You will see from the sequence that this is something that gets implemented over time and is about creating a culture through changed behavior that reconnects evangelism with discipleship through relationship.

    1. Faith Sharing in Service
    2. Faith Sharing in Groups
    3. Faith Sharing in Worship
    4. Faith Sharing with the Unconnected
    5. Beginning Outside Conversations
    6. Creating Opportunities for New Relationships
    7. Moving from Acquaintance to Authentic Relationship
    8. Leadership Matters
    9. Your Building Matters
    10. Relationships Matter