Body Image/Eating Disorders

02.04.20 | Young Peoples Ministry, Wellness and Missions

    In the Teen Survey, 25% of the 100 youth survey reported concerns with appearance which is consistent in youth research.  Youth  often feel stressed if they lack finances to maintain social and peer influenced self images.   Some youth engage in risky behavior, including gambling ( to get access to funds.  Also, youth may struggle with body image during childhood.

    Media Viewing:

    Documentary: Eating Disorders/Personal Sharing

     Girls Aged 6-18 Talk About Their Body Image

    Real High School Students Talk About Being Body Positive

    Boys and Body Image

    Fact Sheets/Resources:

    Anorexics and Bulimics Support Groups

    The Body Image Eating Disorders Treatment Center in DC/MD

    Eat Right

    Food Addicts Anonymous

    Food Eaters Anonymous 

    Overeaters Anonymous DC Area

    Processed Food Anonymous 

    Eating Disorders Support Groups and Where to Find Them