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Cultivating a Culture of Creativity in Worship

Saturday, March 25, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Jason MooreWhat does it mean to be in a church setting with multimedia?  What’s differences between technology and culture?  The real story in worship now is not to use the screens, but how screens and other forms of creativity come together to create powerful God experiences.  Come explore what happens next with the latest thinking on culture, art, teams and technology.  Learn techniques, methodologies that churches large and small alike can use to make big things happen in worship and beyond.  Rediscover creativity with Jason Moore from Midnight Oil. 

Come spend the day looking at fundamental shifts and best practices that will take every form of worship (traditional and non) to the next level through creativity. 

  • Creativity is woven into the very fabric of our society, and yet, the church is often seen as one of the least creative institutions in existence today. From the smartphones and tablet devices we carry everywhere we go, to the large flat screen TVs that fill our homes, the culture we live in is obsessed with creativity and image. 
  • While many churches have installed screens and projectors into worship spaces, most have quickly learned that there is a drastic difference between technology and culture. We have a direct link to the Creator, and our worship should reflect it. 
  • Whether you have a screen or not, visual worship is a must for the time in which we live. That doesn’t mean every church is meant to have a screen or do “contemporary” worship. Images can be spoken, held in our hands, projected, present on chancel and present in other ways. According to a 2008 study which is ongoing today, we as a people are 67% visual learners. The same study finds that learning increases by 400% when images are used to teach.
  • Jason Moore is a worship coach, author, and media guru who will help you connect with our visual culture by implementing time-tested methodologies that are rooted in sound theology and neuroscience studies.

CEUs:  Clergy can receive .5 CEUs

Cost: $35 per person includes lunch (payment must be made at the time of registration)

Registration Required. If you are bringing a team, please select your team size and include the names of each of your team members during registration. 

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Location: First UMC (Hyattsville), 6201 Belcrest Rd, Hyattsville, MD US 20782

Time: Saturday March 25, 2017 9:00am

Cost: $35.00