News and Views

May 2016

Bishop Ough says Council of Bishops does not support split

May 17, 2016

Bishop Bruce R. Ough, president of the Council of Bishops, said the bishops are not supporting any plan for a split of The United Methodist Church, but admitted they are not fully united on how the church should go forward in the face of...

May 14 wrap-up: Young ambassadors share hope, committee work finishes

May 16, 2016

Worship, an address by young people and a silent protest for LGBTQ inclusion began Day Five of General Conference 2016, which ended with final legislative committee meetings.

May 13 wrap-up: Laity address, State of the Church Report

May 14, 2016

After several days where General Conference delegates were clearly divided over Robert’s Rules vs. Group Discernment and placards vs. iPads, on Day Four, they were urged repeatedly to work together, and shown examples of the good the church can...

May 12 wrap-up: Rule 44 voted down

May 13, 2016

After a roller coaster of “will-they-or-won’t-they” episodes usually reserved for love interests in a romantic comedy, delegates finally decided their relationship with Rule 44: They won’t.

May 11 wrap-up: Episcopal address, more Rule 44 debate

May 12, 2016

A day after the celebratory tone of opening worship came a reminder that General Conference is one big, long meeting. As delegates got down to business, debate over one of the Rules of Order will stretch into a third day while the episcopal...

Palmer: Trust God’s promise and go forth

May 11, 2016

Bishop Gregory V. Palmer laid out a path for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference: humility, humility, humility.“Everyone here is a child of God. Any behavior to the contrary of that truth undermines the gospel and is a choice to live...