News and Views

April 2016

Remembering Freddie Gray and the Baltimore unrest

April 26, 2016

Pastor Rodney Hudson of Ames Memorial UMC helped to intervene in the unrest following Freddie Gray’s funeral. In the MPT Digital Studios series, “Voices of Baltimore,” he shares what he remembers of that day.

BWC welcomes Romal Tune

April 18, 2016

Speaker and author Romal Tune comes to the Baltimore-Washington Conference for two special engagements this Saturday, April 23, sponsored by BWC’s Office of Vibrant Communities.

UM Elder leaves Washington National Cathedral staff

April 18, 2016

In the “Welcome” pamphlet handed out every Sunday at the Washington National Cathedral, the first line states that, at its heart, the Cathedral is “a community at worship.”

Water shortage threatens Zimbabwe clinic

April 15, 2016

Dindi Mission is grappling with an acute water shortage as the lone borehole fails to cope with demand from the United Methodist center and the neighboring community.

Daniels to depart BWC cabinet, focus fully on local church

April 14, 2016

Bishop Marcus Matthews has announced that the Rev. Joe Daniels will be leaving the Baltimore-Washington Conference Cabinet as superintendent of the Greater Washington District. Daniels will now focus more intently on his other, on-going...

Maryland church enriches partnership with Zimbabwe school

April 11, 2016

Dozens of children tussled to catch the ball, yelling in delight as it flew from one pair of hands to another. The deafening noise attracted some adults who looked on, oblivious of the dust rising all around them.