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letter to the editor: A time for prayer and miracles

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 It appears to me that it will require a miracle for this denomination to survive (here in the United States) another 20 years.  Not only is the 2019 General Conference fraught with peril, but even more foreboding is the 20 year prognosis for all historic denominations in the United States.  The good news is that God does miracles.  We need miracles!!!  John Wesley required his clergy to fast every Friday, and in times  of peril to also fast every Wednesday.  This is certainly a time of peril for our beloved United Methodist Church.  I advocate that we fast Wednesdays and Fridays, crying out to God for the survival of our Church.  If we do not, I fear that we will be the ones who let this great work of God die on our watch.
    Craig McLaughlin
    Pastor, Mt. Zion UMC
    Bel Air, MD

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