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July 2016

A prayer for justice and shalom

July 8, 2016

The recent news of the shootings in Baton Rouge of Alton Sterling and Minnesota of Philando Castile once again left me paralyzed and anxious with fear for my life and the lives of other African-American men.

A pastoral letter from Bishop Matthews following this week’s shootings

July 8, 2016

I have a confession to make: I hesitated to write this letter to you. In light of the shootings this week in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas, words began to feel insufficient. The tragedy, the anger, and the loss seemed to loom too large.

What have we sown/sewn?

July 8, 2016

Ancient church mothers and fathers often greeted one another with the phrase, “Give me a word.” This greeting led to the sharing of insights and wisdom. Today we continue this tradition with this monthly column.