Volunteers in Mission

VIM transforms the world through Christian love in action.

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission provides you with the opportunity to be a short-term missionary. UMVIM volunteers go out in teams to do construction and spiritual formation projects for people and places in need. They are people of all different skill levels, serving as the hands and eyes of Christ. UMVIM gives hope to the hopeless and provides opportunities for spiritual growth.

Note: UMVIM teams must register with the Baltimore-Washington Conference to ensure that proper insurance and training are provided. Contact Rev. Joan Carter-Rimbach for additional information.

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Core Values of Volunteers in Mission

Holistic Faith: We live out and share our faith in Jesus Christ through both words and deed.

Connecting Teamwork: We acknowledge the diversity, creativity and gifts and each individual but value the common commitment and dedication to work together collectively.

Quality Relationships: We value and nurture relationships through compassion, trust and understanding.

Passionately Serving Others: We are here to serve others, especially the least and the lost.

Transparent Moral Character: We strive to be accountable, honest and just by creating a culture of respect and integrity through our work and service.

Transcending Excellence: We aspire to achieve excellence by going beyond expectations in all aspects of our services, programs and products.

Effective Customer Service: We try to provide the highest standard of educating, equipping and empowering volunteers to serve.