ROCK: Rules


  • ROCK is designed for youth in grade 6 and up.  It is not safe for those younger than that. Children younger than grade 6 or age 11 will NOT be allowed in ROCK sessions. You can rotate chaperones to stay hotel to watch any younger ones.
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times to designate you as a participant of the retreat. There will be a $10 charge for replacement wristbands if needed.  Wristbands are to be worn on WRISTS.  All attendees regardless of age need a wristband or badge.
  • WIFI and Hotspots MUST be off during sessions.  It really can mess with the wireless mics and backstage communication.
  •  All churches must follow their “Safe Sanctuary” protocols developed at their local church during the ROCK retreat. If your church has not developed a set of Safe Sanctuary rules for youth ministry, we STRONGLY suggest you order “Safe Sanctuaries for Youth” from Cokesbury.
  • All groups should be on time for each session. Please fill entire rows and move to the centermost seats.  PLEASE do not save seats – some seats will be reserved at each session for “Greeters”, “Communion Servers” and “Deaf Ministry” and will be clearly marked.  Also, Holy Communion is a sacred time, please be respectful.  Please do not leave the hall until ALL in the room have been served and communion is over. 
  • The safety and well-being of the youth in your group is the responsibility of the adult leader(s) from each group at all times.  This includes ensuring that your youth do not act in a dangerous or irresponsible manner at retreat activities.  It also includes supervision and care of your youth throughout the entire weekend including at the hotels.  We suggest each group have their own first aid kit. The ROCK staff are not permitted to offer first aid unless it’s a life-threatening situation.  In case of an emergency at ROCK, go to the information desk or to a “SECURITY” Volunteer.
  • Use appropriate Christian language, conduct, and modest dress while at the ROCK Retreat. No alcohol, tobacco, or any other drugs are to be seen or used at any time. No aggressive behavior.
  • Electronic devices (tablets, beepers, gameboys, laser pointers, anything with flashing lights, remote controlled devices etc.) are not to be seen or used during retreat sessions - this includes adults -  except by authorized ROCK staff. NO audio or video recording or flash photography permitted during sessions!
  • Cell phones should only be used when directed from the stage.  You're on retreat. Please put your cell phones away. This includes adults.
  • Any youth leaving the Convention Center must be accompanied by an adult leader, and we encourage groups to have adult supervision when leaving the hotels as well.
  • Some groups could not return to the ROCK retreat because of youth misconduct at the hotels.  Inappropriate behavior may result in notification of the Police by the hotel.  We suggest that adults do not go to bed until your youth are asleep.
  • “Lights Out” is scheduled for midnight each night. Remember that honoring this rule by being quiet in your own rooms by midnight is a way of “loving your neighbors”.
  • Use caution when moving around Ocean City on foot. Do not J-walk, cross against a light, or try to go out on any ice.  Also, remember there are others in OC this weekend, not just folks attending ROCK. Your ROCK wristband gives you free access to OC buses.
  • In general, remember to respect other people, their property and hotel property while attending the ROCK Retreat. You are each a representative of our Christian Youth Retreat. Please behave that way.
  • In case of a power outage, please instruct your youth to remain in their seats until directed by Security that it is safe to move.
  • No hoverboards, Segways, skateboards, or beachballs (or things like that) inside the convention center.
  • Water and soda machines sell out quickly. Please plan accordingly. We are not permitted to sell any beverages or food. No outside food or beverage is allowed – Convention Center rules.
  • The Convention Center building closes at 11:00PM. The building must be cleared.


* Breaking any of these rules may result in the offender’s group being asked to leave the ROCK Retreat.