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Resource Questions

Use these questions in conjunction with the session videos below to help your youth groups discuss the sessions.

  • In what ways are every day a choice?
  • What is the difference between 'those with sight', and 'those with vision'?
  • How can we let God speak to us?
  • "Heroes don't wear caps, .. they wear compassion." Explain.
  • What happens when we listen to the wrong voices?
  • How can we better listen to God?
  • How does God see us ... and what is it that God sees in us?
  • How do we deal with anger -- both in ourselves and in others?
  • What are some of those things in our lives that interfere with our connection with God?
  • What is it we need to do to receive forgiveness and mercy from God?
  • "Attitude is like a flat tire - if you don't change it, you'll never get anywhere." - Explain
  • How did God "build a bridge for us?"
  • How is the Word of God alive for us?
  • What has the Word of God called us to be and to do?
  • Preston shared with us that "We are accepted". - How are we accepted?
  • What is it in our lives as followers of Christ that we cannot borrow but must claim for our own?
  • What is God's dream for you in your life?
  • "Your story doesn't have to be perfect ... it just has to be yours."  Explain


Resource Videos

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Saturday Evening


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