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Resource Questions

Use these questions in conjunction with the session videos below to help your youth groups discuss the sessions.

  • The Bishop reminded us that "God has a plan for you." How do those words speak to you today?
  • In what ways are we all 'one' but 'different'?
  • Can anything separate us from God? -- Why or why not?
  • What does it mean to you to know that you are created in God's image?
  • Do our choices really matter in life? -- Why?
  • How does God see us?
  • Have you ever disappointed someone you looked up to? How did that make you feel, and what did you do about it?
  • "God can see you." -- What does that say to us?
  • What does it mean to us to hear the words: "You are enough -- You are beautiful."
  • In what ways are we identified in life, and what happens when those things are taken away?
  • Is it all right to say that everything is not all right? -- Why?
  • John Wesley once said that we should have a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. What do you think Wesley was trying to say to us in these words?
  • How would you respond to: "I believe God is there, ... even when I don't feel it."
  • Finish this sentence: "Because we belong to God we can .....
  • Is there more than just one way of worshiping God? - Explain.
  • How should we express our love for God?
  • Why is it okay to be excited at ball games and concerts, but not in church? Should we be more excited in church and why?
  • "When God calls you, you need to trust God, and go." -- How do those words speak to you?
  • How can we become Christ for others?
  • Now that we have returned home from ROCK, what have you gained from that experience, and how can you share that experience with others?
  • Respond to these parting words from the ROCK Retreat: "Now go, ... and be a ROCK for others."


Submitted by Rev. Mark C. Mooney,
2018 ROCK Team

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