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License to Preach School

Downloadable application with instructions and assignment for the 2012 License to Preach School

Information for those wishing to attend the 2012 Baltimore-Washington Conference License to Preach School

License to Preach School is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to share a common journey of faith, and be challenged in ministry. In order to participate in the school you need to be recommended by your district superintendent.

The majority of the people who attend the school already have an appointment to a local church or they will be appointed during the calendar year. By no means does coming to the school guarantee anyone an appointment.

The cost of the school is $600, which is to be paid prior to attending. The cost for the school includes room and meals.

The dates of the 2012 school are Wednesday, May 16 through Thursday, May 23. You are required to attend all sessions.  A full schedule will be provided upon registration.

Check-In and Registration will be on Wednesday, May 16 at the West River Retreat Center, 5100 Chalk Point Road, West River, MD 20778.

The schedule for School will be provided upon registration.  If you are/will be serving in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, there is a required orientation session with time to be provided upon registration.  School will begin Wednesday and continue through mid afternoon May 24th.   Participants are expected to engage in the entire time frame.

Meals will be provided at the Retreat Center.  Snacks are not provided so you may wish to bring some or to be prepared to purchase some.

Dress is very casual. Two laundromats are available about a mile away.

Accommodations will be in the Retreat Center, single beds with two persons to a room. Beds have a wood platform with a mattress on top. Some rooms have bunk beds and if registration exceeds 24, we may need to assign three persons to a few rooms. Roommates will be assigned at registration. You will need to provide your own linens (single sheets, blanket, pillows, towels, etc.). There are two common bathrooms, one for men and one for women. This is a camp site; bug spray is recommended.

Attendance is required at all sessions in order for a certificate of completion to be issued.

A thirty minute period of devotions is included each morning in the daily schedule. Volunteers will be asked to sign up at registration to lead the devotional time.

You are requested to bring with you the following required texts. You must purchase and at least skim them prior to your arrival. They will not be available on site.

The New Interpreter’s Study Bible (New Revised Standard Version)
The United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing
The United Methodist Book of Worship
The 2008 Book of Discipline

Required texts below are now bundled and can be ordered from Cokesbury. 
To receive the special price the order should be placed and sold under the Kit ISBN
of 9780687654826.  The bundled books will be sold under this ISBN for $44.00

  1. Pastoral Care in the Small Membership Church – James L. Killen, Jr.
  2. From Pew to Pulpit – Clifton F. Guthrie
  3. Worshipping with United Methodists (Revised Edition) – Hoyt Hickman
  4. Administration in the Small Membership Church – John Tyson
  5. Christian Education in the Small Membership Church – Karen Tye

Assignments prior to arrival: 1). Prepare a sermon based on the attached Sermon Assignment document.  Do not take this assignment lightly. Do not send me a half-page outline. Prepare a full manuscript and send it no later than Friday, May 8, 2012 and 2) Read (or at least scan) the 5 text books listed above and bring them with you.