Charge Conference & Evaluations

The 2016 Charge Conference Forms are due in the Charge Conference Document Portal 10 days before your church’s scheduled charge conference. Once your charge conference has ended, be sure to email a copy of your charge conference meeting minutes to your district administrator. The meeting minutes should be taken by the recording secretary and should document any and all voting that takes place, in addition to general information discussed at charge conference.

We hope that you will find the charge conference process to be an opportunity to celebrate and lift up your church’s accomplishments, a useful tool to evaluate your church’s ministry goals and objectives, and a helpful resource for important accountability questions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact your district administrator.


2016 Charge Conference Schedules and Agendas

Annapolis District: Schedule | Agenda | Checklist (Southern Region ONLY)

Baltimore Suburban District: Schedule | Agenda

Baltimore Metropolitan District: Schedule | Agenda

Central Maryland District: Schedule | Agenda

Cumberland-Hagerstown District: Schedule | Agenda

Frederick District: Schedule | Agenda

Greater Washington District: Schedule | Agenda

Washington East District: Schedule | Agenda | Checklist (Southern Region ONLY)