ROCK is now WAVE: ONLINE Jan. 7-8, 2022

Visit the new website at

WAVE, the new event for youth in the Baltimore-Washington and Peninsula-Delaware Conferences, is going virtual due to lack of sufficient registrations. While this will disappoint some and delight others, we encourage you to follow developments and plan to experience the wonder, celebrate possibility, and find your piece of joy.

Because many people are still hesitant about registering for an up-close, in-person event in Ocean City, WAVE designers are re-creating the event to take place online the evening of Friday, Jan. 7, and much of the day on Saturday Jan. 8. 

Youth are encouraged to safely get together in person for watch parties, for lock-ins at churches or to gather in some other way to connect with others for this worship-learning-exploration-fun-fellowship-transformational experience.

Everything is still on the drawing board, but the virtual WAVE is something the youth of your church and their leaders will not want to miss. Refunds will be provided for all those who have already registered. Many more details will be available soon. We just wanted to share the news that the WAVE is on its way. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

As we move forward, you'll be able to learn more at

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This year, ROCK, the annual retreat for BWC youth, goes virtual and features and a special feature with questions asked by the youth and answered by Bishop LaTrelle Easterling.



Everyone wrestles with dark times and thoughts. But identifying and addressing depression isn’t easy.  Xanthia Johnson, owner and CEO of Urban Playology, helps young people identify depression, find helpful resources, and discover how they can talk about mental health in ways that can make a difference.


K Scarry, Community Manager for the People’s Supper, helps youth define racism and how it shapes their world.  She explores how to create safe spaces and answers hard questions from the youth about how to do antiracist ministry.


What word or statement about social justice would you put on the virtual back of your athletic jersey?  In a workshop led by the Revs. Stacey Cole Wilson and Kyle Durbin, youth explored how they can use their faith and actions to advocate for human rights and other social issues as they seek to make a change in the world.


How do you keep your faith alive after leaving your home, friends and church?  Cristin Cooper, Ministry Coordinator of the TerpHUB at the University of Maryland, leads a conversation with a panel of college students about what comes next and how to make the most of life.


How do you keep your faith when life sucks?  The Revs. Twanda Prioleau and Nick Bufano offer insights into claiming praise and resilience in challenging times. 


Growing Resilience for you, your youth and your families - Rev. Steven Argue, of the Fuller Youth Institute, believes that young people, are wrestling with three essential questions in their lives that revolve around: identity or who am I; belonging, where do I fit in; and purpose, what difference can I make? He unpacks these questions and provides strategies of creativity, compassion and courage to assist youth leaders.  Additional information and resources on Steve’s work can be found at