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Social Justice Ministries

Social Justice Ministries

Local congregations in the BWC are encouraged to be involved in social justice ministries — ministries that not only address immediate need, but reach deeper into societal reasons that create inequities in society.  This process involves:

  • looking at systems that oppress people,
  • knowing what a community sees as the issues that keeps it from being vibrant,
  • educating the congregation about issues that limit full inclusion in community life,
  • developing an action plan to address the systems that block full inclusion in society, and  
  • acting to address societal inequities.

Links from this page will connect you to some of the resources available to assist congregations in becoming involved in social justice ministries.

"United Methodists have a long and rich history of engagement on issues of social concern.  John Wesley was a forthright advocate on prison reform, human rights, abuse of spirituous liquors, labor justice, healthcare, slavery, the humane treatment of animals. Slavery was a divisive issue within the church during the 18th and 19th Centuries with many Methodist taking strong abolitionist positions while others were less forthright.  The women's rights movement, the labor reform movement, the temperance movement and the Civil Rights movement all saw leadership from a number of courageous and prophetic Methodist voices.

"The church is challenged to think clearly and logically about its role in both the local parish and the world at large. Where is God at work in our world? How can we support the work God is doing? What role has God given the church to play in the midst of a broken and hurting world in need of healing? Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that the church should neither dominate the state, nor be dominated by the state. Instead, the church is called to be the conscience of the state. How can we perform this vital role faithfully in a world that increasing relegates the work of the church only to the spiritual and private realm". (Excerpted from GBCS website)

NEW - Spark12 is an incubator for social justice ministries developed and implemented by young adults. The project is all about connecting people with the resources to do something truly amazing. The website launched Jan. 21 and applications will be available on April 1. Read more.