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December 21, 2011

Conference Center holiday closings: The conference center will be closed on Friday December 23, since Christmas Eve is Saturday, and Monday, December 26, since Christmas is Sunday. We will also be closed on Monday, January 2, because New Year's Day is a Sunday.

Board of Child Care Gifts:

Thank you all for your generosity to those children and teens living in the Board of Child Care facility in Baltimore. Here is the list of churches who gave gifts to the children:

Adams, pastor Mabel Smith

Asbury in Jessup, pastor Gay Green-Carden

Asbury Broadneck, pastor Steve Tillett

Baldwin Memorial, pastor Phil Tocknell

Bethel, pastor Ingrid Wang

Bowie, pastor Margaret Clemons

Calvary in Waldorf, pastor Rob Carter

Carters, pastor Mildred Holliday

Chews Memorial, pastor Brenda Mack

Clinton, pastor Dorothea Stroman

Community in Crofton, pastor Rebecca Iannicelli

Covenant Point-Lakeside Cooperative Parish, pastors Tony Love, Mandy Sayers

Dorsey Emmanuel/Wesley Chapel Charge, pastor Rick Oursler

Ebenezer, pastor Mark Venson

Edgewater, pastor Gerald Snyder

Faith in Pasadena, pastor John Taylor

Galesville, pastor Eunjong Joo

Hall, pastor Pat Allen

Indian Head, pastors Cindy and Jacques Banks

Magothy, pastor Reg Barss

Mt. Tabor, pastor Charles Simms

Mt. Zion on Bayard Road in Lothian, pastor Bill Herche

Mt. Zion in Pasadena, pastor Sonia King

Nichols-Bethel, pastor Ken Humbert

Pasadena, pastor Sherrin Marshall

Severna Park, pastor Jim Farmer

Sollers, pastor Richard Lindsay

Statistical Reports: The statistical reports are now open so you may begin entering information. To access information on the BWC website in regard to the reporting requirements and needs for this year, click here. To directly access the GCFA statistical report on the Ezra site, click here. Rember the due date is January 17, 2012. Contact the regional office if you still have questions after reviewing the material on the websites above. Also, you will be able to receive one on one assistance at the conference center on January 10 from 9 to 11 and on January 13 from 9 to 1. No appointments are needed, just walk in, let the front desk person know why you are here and we will be contacted.

IRS mileage rate for 2012 is: $0.555

Don't forget to double check that all charge conference forms have been submitted as approved by charge conference vote. All compensation forms have been submitted, but we want to make sure that ministry to disciples, lay speaker vote form, CLM vote form, and candidates for ministry are also submitted. All other forms did not require a vote and may have been submitted prior to the meeting.

Evaluation (self, pastoral ministry, and congregation) were due on December 1. Make sure those forms are also submitted, please.

General Inclement Weather Policy/Holidays
The BWC Conference Mission Center will follow the inclement weather schedule of Howard Community College regarding during periods of snow and ice. If you are in a Discipler Group, the guide will be contacting you via a telephone tree if the meeting is canceled due to weather.