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The Baltimore-Washington Conference is made up of about 200,000 members in over 640 United Methodist churches in Maryland, Washington, D.C., the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and Bermuda. We are a global church -- one of 68 conferences, or regions, that make up the denomination, totaling 11 million members.

Quick facts about the Baltimore-Washington Conference and contact information for districts.

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About the United Methodist Church

Methodism was founded in 1729 by John Wesley, an Anglican priest, in England. Baltimore became the cradle of Methodism in America in 1784 when the church was officially organized at a conference during Christmas at the Lovely Lane Meeting House in Baltimore. After several splits and mergers, The United Methodist Church was born in 1968 when Methodists merged with the Evangelical United Brethren.

United Methodism is a mainstream Protestant denomination. It is distinctive in its emphasis on grace being available to all people. United Methodists combine personal holiness with social witness and action, believing that the love of God is always tied to love of neighbor, a passion for justice and renewal in the life of the world.

United Methodists are a connectional people, linked together across the globe in their organization and financial life, and in collective prayer, witness and service.

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